As Guinea Pig Info, our purpose is giving proper information about guinea pigs for people who has guinea pigs or is about to get one. Although there are a lot of sites about guinea pigs, it’s few which are giving all information and details. The reason why; guinea pigs are not common pets like cats or dogs or etc. Our site’s goal is being the main information source about guinea pigs.

No matter what kind of animal you have, having a pet requires responsibility. In line with this responsibility, qualified information must be taken. It’s very important how you feed, pet and train them. There isn’t sufficient information about these uncommon pets on the internet. In our site, first of all we will present main info about guinea pigs. This main info will contain their health care and maintenance. At the same time we will share practical hints that could make easier their maintenance. The source of these practical hints is our sweet guinea pigs Hımbıl (slouchy) and Tombul (chubby). They are living with us for 3 years.

Guinea Pig Info

Each day, we are getting new information and experiences about them. So in this website we will share these knowledge with you. Besides, we will give place for images, videos, expert opinions, guinea pig owners’ opinions and questions about guinea pigs. With following us, you can know them better. Also, you can share your opinions or questions by using our comment section under the articles. Your opinions and questions are so valuable for us. Because of that we will try to return to you as soon as possible. Your contributions would be helpful for the others who has the same problems. Please don’t hesitate to comment.

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