Abyssinian Guinea Pig And Characteristics

When we mention the genus Guinea Pig, there is of course the Abyssinian Guinea Pig in the second of our list. In this article we will go into some more details about it. If you are going to own an abyssinian guinea pig and looking for information about that, this is the right address. All kinds of info about the abyssinian guinea pig breed can be found in this article.

We said Abyssinian guinea pigs are in the second of our list but it’s not because of they are less beautiful than American ones. Abyssinian guinea pig breed is less common than American guinea pigs but they are still so special. They are one of the most lovely species’s. Abyssinian guinea pigs have a very original appearance thanks to swivel feathers in their fur called rosettes. Before coming to the detail of the subject, i would like to state that you can reach our article about the previous kind of American Guinea Pig. American Guinea Pig And Characteristics.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Breed

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Breed

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Breed

The second most common species in guinea pigs. They are very popular and dearest ones of guinea pig competitions. Abyssinian guinea pigs owe their popularity to rosettes in their fur. We will explain the rosettes under the title of appearance. Abyssinian guinea pigs are very energetic. It’s a little harder to take care of their fur than short haired ones but if you have enough time, they are worth it. They are quite friendly just like Amerikan species. You can make bond with them in a very short time. Let’s get more detailed info about Abyssinian guinea pigs.

Origins Of Abyssinian Guinea Pig Breed

According to many sources, it is written that the origin of Abyssinian guinea pigs is based on a geographical region, Abyssinia/Ethiopia. There is no conclusive evidence on this subject, but the origin of guinea pigs is based on South America, and the theory that the genus of Abyssinian guinea pig came from Ethiopia is unacceptable. In today’s conditions, there is no such species in Abyssinia. Although its origin is not known exactly, it is accepted that it is a genus formed before the guinea pigs in Europe. In the 16. century, this type of genus, which is regarded as very valuable in Europe, has been mentioned in this way ever since.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Appearance

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Appearance

These are the rosettes that make this species so famous. The rosettes are the hair that turns outwardly in the fur. These feathers are really interesting; both sides are symmetrically located in pairs. Usually there are 6-8 rosettes. The ones with 10 rosettes are very rare and usually participate in competitions. Two of the rosettes are placed on their shoulders, 2 or 4 on the abdomen and back, 2 on the sides of the bums. In addition to the 10 rosettes, there are 2 rosettes on the back of the hips. These rosettes have elevations between them and these elevations should not distort their shape even when they are touched palm of a hand.

Abyssinian guinea pig has many color variations. Brindle is a mixture of black and red well-distributed colors and is divided into dark brindle and light brindle. The classification of this species varies according to how much black or red is present in the fur, and the shading in the fur. On the other hand, the type of color, called a turtle shell, contains colorful parts. They have black and red spots in their furs without symmetry. The so-called Mesh is the mixture of white color. Strawberries are divided into two types: red and blue. Strawberry red is a mixture of red and white, and blue is black and white.

If you have an Abyssinian guinea pig with 8 rosettes you can brag about it, but at the end of all, no matter how many rosettes they have, Abyssinian guinea pigs are really unique and exotic. If you own them, you will both love each other.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Personality

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Personality

Almost every Abyssinian guinea pig owner or breeder expresses that it is a mischievous breed of Abyssinian guinea pig as it also attracts attention with his personality other than appearance. Abyssinians are a very curious genus. This naughty and curious personality gives them a mischievous personality. Especially when we think that young Abyssinians are more active, you should be careful about these naughty ones.

One of the guinea pigs we owned was an Abyssinian and i remembered his early times and he was constantly trying to escape from the cage. When he escaped, he was chewing the cables and furnitures, and we always had to trick him with food to take back to cage. Otherwise, it’s really hard to catch. With his sense of curiosity, he knows our house very well and knows where to run. When you’re not at home, it’s a dangerous situation, especially if he tried to chew electric cables. So if you’re going to own this species of curiosity and spoiled, you should know.

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Luckily they can be trained although they are spoiled. For example, one of the most important trains is litter training and you can train them easily by reading our article named Guinea Pig Litter Training In 9 Steps. On the other hand, they are one of the most trainable breeds with commands. If you want to command your guinea pig, that’s the species you’re looking for.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Is Recommended For Who?


They may not be cool for the first time guinea pig owners because this species needs time and care. Although their hair is not long as Peruvians’, it’s long enough for you to not to neglect their hair care. So people who want to own an Abyssinian guinea pig must have extra time for them. Because of their active and funny personality, the owner must be concerned. You should play with them or sometimes you should put new toys in their cage to explore. Guinea pigs love to discover new things

Abyssinian guinea pig is also not appropriate for little kids. If you are going to own a guinea pig for your child, choosing a short straight haired species would be wise. Children may love Abyssinian guinea pigs because of the appearance but they may be incapable for Abyssinian guinea pig care. If you are still going to get an Abyssinian guinea pig for your child, you should observe them and help with the care.

In short, Abyssinian guinea pigs are more suitable for adults have much time or people for who owns their second guinea pig.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Care

guinea pig hair care

Abyssinian guinea pigs need more care than short haired breeds but you don’t need to worry about it. If you have enough time for them, by making their hair care regularly you can make it much more easier.

You should groom or brush their fur once in two days for 10-15 minutes. Brush would be comfortable because of their circling hair. You must brush their hair to different directions. Also brush would gather more hair than comb. Pay attention to get a soft brush and be gentle while brushing. They have a sensitive skin. They may gather spalls into their fur while walking in or out of the cage. You should find and clean that pieces from their fur.

Abyssinian guinea pig diet

Be careful about their nutrition because they aren’t strong against diseases unlike American guinea pigs. You must supply their daily vitamin C requirement for protecting them from illness. To get more information about guinea pig nutrition you can read our Guinea Pig Diet And Food article.

Don’t bath them often because they have a fur hard to dry and a sensitive immune system. Abyssinian guinea pigs like to keep their selves clean so if you brush them frequently there would be no need for bath. If you’re still thinking about to bath them, you can do it once in a month. As a reminder, to keep their fur clean, you can cut their hair on the butt. It would reduce pollution because of feces.

Where To Own An Abyssinian Guinea Pig

As we mention at the previous article, instead of buying guinea pigs from pet shops or breeders, you must adopt them with just a little search around you and social media. If you are going to buy from a pet shop or a breeder, prefer reliable breeders and be sure that they are healthy and well cared.

I hope this article will be useful for you. If you have questions or additional information, write us by using comment section. Take care..

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