American Guinea Pig and Their Characteristics

At the last time, we gave some general information about guinea pig breeds in our article Guinea Pig Breeds And Their Characteristics. If you wish you can reach that article from here: Guinea Pig Breeds And Their Characteristics. This time we will get more specific on American Guinea Pig. This breed is named as American guinea pig but in some countries can be called as Dutch guinea pig. We will explain where those names came from and share more details about American guinea pig. Let’s start learn about them.

American Guinea Pig

american guinea pig

American Guinea Pig

The most common one in all guinea pig breeds is American guinea pig. There are lots of reasons to be such popular for this breed which has different color variations. Besides the discussions of selling animals, most of the pet shops want to sell American guinea pigs, because this breed is healthier and easy to breed. They have resistance for diseases better than other ones. Let’s get the details now.

The Origins Of American Guinea Pig

The origins of this breed lasts 5000 years B.C. American guinea pig is one of the most natural breeds. They’ve come to Europe in 1500s and spread all over the continent. Some of the color variations of American guinea pigs are; dalmatian, Himalayan, white crested, lilac etc. One of the variations is Dutch guinea pig which means Dutch named guinea pigs are actually a version of American guinea pig. In some countries they also can be called English guinea pig. By the way, some other geneses coming from American guinea pig breed are skinny and teddy.

Physical Appearance of American Guinea Pig

american guinea pig phisical

Their feet are hidden under the body and the front feet are ahead a little from the shoulders. They have short hair, roman nose and large shoulders. Ears are settled below but not low. American guinea pigs have dark and shiny eyes.

Personality Of American Guinea Pig

American guinea pigs are very funny. They are docile and they get used to you in a short time. Furthermore you can consider them as second guinea pig because they are compatible with all other breeds. They are absolutely not aggressive. We have two guinea pigs; Abyssinian and American. Their names are Slouchy and Chubby. The American one is Chubby because he has a great stomach. 🙂 Sorry for the destruction, let’s continue !

guinea pig american

American guinea pigs are very charming. You will enjoy even just watching them. They reflect their emotions to you quite perfect. Sometimes they grumble lovely or they can make noises that shows they are happy even while they’re eating. They enjoy a lot when you cuddle and pet them. When they get to know you, they learn when you will return from work, when you will go to kitchen and feed them and they always call you. In short, American guinea pigs deserve to be the most common one because of their perfect personality. 

American Guinea Pig Is Recommended For Who?

american guinea pigs

This breed is suitable almost for everyone. If you will have a guinea pig for the first time, i recommend you American guinea pigs because they are easy to take care. Also they need a little less time for caring, especially for the working people. As a reminder, if you’re working or not being at home for long times get another friend next to your guinea pig because they have sociality in their nature. They love to keep in communicate. It won’t be good for their sanity being alone at home all day. They feel lonely and when you return you can find them in depression.

children with american guinea pig

American guinea pigs are also suitable for children, but don’t forget that, animal caring isn’t easy enough to handle only by children. Your children can’t be able to care for needs of your pets every time. Even if you informed them about caring a guinea pig, you should keep observing. On the other hand, children like this breed pretty much!

American Guinea Pig Care

You’re lucky about hair care because American guinea pig’s hair care is much easier than other breeds. Generally you don’t even need to groom or brush them. If you think that there are so much shedded hair on them or they’re dirty, it’s enough to just bath them for cleaning. If you’re wondering about how to bath them, you can check our article named Guinea Pig Bath Step By Step.

american guinea pig bath

On the other hand, a large spaced cage, foods and water would be enough for their main needs. If you create the suitable conditions they won’t be sick. They are one of the most living species. This life-span can be short as 4-5 years for some breeds, but American guinea pigs could live 8-10 years.

guinea pig

You can release them out of the cage sometimes, and wandering in a large space would be a good exercise for them. Be careful about your furniture and the electric cables, they could chew. If you have a space out of the house, that would be better.

Where To Own An American Guinea Pig?

You can get an American guinea pig from breeders or pet shops. Although we don’t approve sale of animals, it keeps going everyday. We recommend adoption instead of buying. You can find ones waiting for being adopted by just a little search on the internet or around you. It will be even easier according to other breeds because of American guinea pigs are the most common ones. You can find many adoption announcements on social media.

american guinea pig with children

If you are about to own a guinea pig from pet shop or a breeder, you should be careful about if they are reliable or not. Just one of the selling problems of guinea pigs is that you may get a pregnant one because they can mate in a very early age like 4-5 weeks after birth. In breeders’ farms male and female guinea pigs can be put together and your guinea pig which is gotten from breeder can be pregnant even if she is 6 weeks old. Also having a pregnancy that much early has its own troubles. And please remember that, this was just one of the problems having a guinea pig from pet shops or breeders.


We tried to give you detailed information about American guinea pigs. If you have questions about this breed or you know something more please share with us. These questions and advices would be very valuable for the ones who are about to own an American guinea pig. If you want, you can read our Everything About Guinea Pigs article and get useful info about guinea pigs.

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