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The Best Pet is Guinea Pig in 10 Reasons

Guinea pig is the best pet animal. The best pet is a long-discussed issue. These discussions usually progress through cats and dogs. Cat lovers and dog lovers constantly try to identify the best pet by revealing the best aspects of their animals. We guinea pig owners said that what is lack on the guinea pigs and entered this polemic.

We had written an article titled Reasons For Owning A Guinea Pig. This article contained our personal opinions. We shared what we have experienced with you. You can also review our article.

Guinea Pig is The Best Pet – 10 Reasons

1- Guinea pigs are resistant.

the best pet guinea pigs

When looked carefully and well fed, guinea pigs are generally healthy animals. Like other animals, they can also have certain diseases such as dental problems or kidney stones however, such conditions can be avoided with good nutrition and care. Furthermore, guinea pigs cannot be comfortable in hot and humid environments because they are living in a temperate climate. You should keep them at temperatures of 18-24 degrees Celsius, and usually the room temperature is already within these ranges. Although temperature changes can make them sick, they are more resistant than many pets. Good nutrition comes first in order for them to be durable. If you wish you can read our Guinea Pig Nutrition and Nutrition System.

2- Guinea Pigs Are Easy to Maintain.

guinea pigs favorite foods

Guinea Pig Favorite Foods

Dry grass, fresh water, fresh vegetables and a small amount of pellet foods produced for guinea pigs are likely to satisfy the daily vitamin C requirements. They also need a cage, which is as wide as possible, with paper-based base material. You should clean the cage daily locally and once a week, it needs to be completely cleaned. They will be very happy if you add some daily interest and love. An example of a cat and dog is that their care can be much more costly or take a lot more time.

If we have to make a reminder of the cage; If you do not want to encounter unexpected little additional guests in the cage when you wake up one day, you must keep male and female apart. They should stand apart even if they are 1 month old.

3- Guinea pigs are great pets for children.

guinea pig best pet with children

In some countries it is the first fed pet guinea pig to instill a sense of responsibility in children. Children have a great interest in guinea pigs and are very fond of them. In addition, guinea pigs do not have bad habits such as biting or scratching them. They are pretty timid and cute. On the other hand, they are not as sensitive as rabbits and are less fearful than smaller rodents such as hamsters and mice. They will be an excellent pet for children of primary school age. But remember, younger children should have a pet under the supervision of their parents, as in other animals.

4- Guinea pigs are long lasting.

guinea pigs have long life

Many hamsters and mice live an average of 1-2 years, guinea pigs live 5-7 years, and some even reach their 10s. This long life is a matter that parents should consider before having a guinea pig because children will need to continue to look at guinea pigs even after they grow up and leave home.

5- Guinea pigs are unique.

guinea pig is a unique pet

A lot of people are unaware, but there are many characteristic features of guinea pigs. Some guinea pigs ar every shy, some are very brave and dominant. Two guinea pigs may look similar from the outside, but that does not mean that they will have the same personality. If you have the opportunity to communicate with it before choosing a guinea pig, try to establish this communication with him/her and try to understand whether he/she will meet your expectations. For example, if you want a guinea pig that likes to be loved, you should find a friendly guinea pig that doesn’t hesitate to approach you.

6- Guimea Pigs Murmur While Cuddling

guinea pig murmur

One of the features that many pet owners expect from their pets is that they can be loved and embraced. For example; you have no chance of fish in the aquarium. 🙂 On the other hand, other pets such as birds may not be suitable for this. Guinea pigs are the same as cats, whether they’re happy or cuddled gently they make a sound like mumbling. Many people who do not have a guinea pig aren’t aware of the voice. In addition to this purring , guinea pigs are chewing, twisting and tooth-shaking and they all have a different meaning. Detailed information about these sounds and their meanings I suggest you to review our article Guinea Pig Sounds and Meanings.

7- Guinea pigs love to make popcorn.

pop corn guinea pig

Popcorn movement is a jumping movement that is unique to guinea pigs, seen more in offspring, when they are happy or excited. Again and again they bounce like a grain of popping out of the explosion. Some guinea pigs also produce wheeking sounds at the same time. As a result, it is very enjoyable to watch and is unique to guinea pig.

8- There are various species of guinea pigs.

guinea pig breeds

Like many other domestic animals, guinea pigs are not a single genus. They are also pets of different species.There are long-haired, short-haired even hairless ones. There are also different color variations of the feathers. Although each guinea pig has different personal characteristics, there are some general features for the breed. Most existing guinea pig breed in the world; The American guinea pig is a genus as Abyssinian guinea pig and Peruvian guinea pig. You can find detailed information about these genera in our category Guinea Pig Breeds.

9- Guinea pigs love humans.

guinea pig in hands

Lots of people who doesn’t have a guinea pig don’t believe that, but guinea pigs are sociable animals that recognize the owner and give a variety of responses rejoice when they see their owners. While most of them are wheeking, some greet them by trying to climb to the sides of the cage. Interactive as cats and dogs.

10- It is the best option for those who want to own a pet for the first time.

best pet

Easy care, durable structures, easily bond build ability and long life, considering, who want to own pets for the first time , and for families who do not want to take greater responsibility as a cat or dog care excellent choice will be guinea pigs.

No one can be sure that if guinea pig is really the best pet, but you have a lot of reasons to own them. We have compiled 10 of these for you. If you are planning to adopt a guinea pig, we hope that we can provide you useful information. You can continue to review our site for a lot more useful information about them. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of data that will help you.

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