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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Where can i get or own a guinea pig? Any advices? 

Although there are lots of helpful information about guinea pigs in our site, there isn’t any selling or adoption announcement. Our first advice about it is following adoption announcements from social media platforms. Second is finding a breeding ranch of guinea pigs.

Your last choice must be pet shops. Reason why; not all of them but the majority of pet shops are selling unhealthy miserable baby guinea pigs. On the other hand, if they keep together males and females, the guinea pig you’re going to buy could be pregnant. Guinea pigs can get pregnant after 28 days of born. So your guinea pig could give a too soon unhealthy birth.

Sometimes we share adoption announcements which are coming from our followers, via our social media accounts. To check these announcements you can follow us on social media. To find us on social media, you can use social media icons in our website.

2- I want to give my guinea pig adopted. Would you help me please?

If it’s going to be an adoption (not selling) ofcourse we can help you. There are a lot of people which are following our website and social media accounts and wanting to adopt guinea pigs. We can reach more people especially via our Instagram page.

If you have guinea pigs to give adopted you can contact with us. We can share your guinea pig’s photos and informations. Besides if you have conditions about adoption we can add these to explanation part of sharing. There will be someone who suits your conditions in the end.

3- My guinea pig makes weird sounds, what is the meaning of that? Could it has a problem? 

Guinea pigs make sounds more than 10 to communicate with you. Some of them are positive noices, some are not. To get information about this, you can read our article; Guinea Pig Sounds And Meanings.

Despite reading the article and listening the voices if you couldn’t figured out your guinea pig’s sound’s meaning, you can take its video and send it to our social media accounts. It’s important that view is clear, because their sounds and body moves are connected.

4- My guinea pig is ill, what can i do? 

Even though there is a category of guinea pig diseases in our site, we aren’t vets.We are owners of guinea pigs, just like you. Disease is a sensitive subject, we are making deep researches not to give you any wrong informations. When it’s necessary we consult expert’s opinions. Still, our disease articles may not have exact results.

Our advice is to find an experienced vet about guinea pigs. Unfortunately, not every vet is experienced about these uncommon pets. So, may be you should search a good vet before your guinea pig get sick.

5- Do guinea pigs smell?

This is a relative topic. It’s about how you are sensitive to smells. On the other hand, guinea pigs are less smelly than dogs and cats. For example, there is an entire smell changing in houses with dogs or cats, but guinea pigs change the smell of only their room just a little bit.

The major reason of their smell is their pee. Their feces is almost odorless. If you train them about peeing you can get comfortable. For this, you can take a look at our Guinea Pig Peeing Training In 9 Steps article.

6- Do guinea pigs shed?

If you don’t do their fur care properly, guinea pigs could shed a lot. Especially long haired species shed a lot but with the daily hair care you can reduce it to minimal. Our Guinea Pig Daily Fur Care article will help you about it.

By the way, biggest reason of their shedding is irregular and insufficient nutrition. Regular and sufficiently fed guinea pigs would shed less. If you don’t have adequate information, you can read our Guinea Pig Nutrition And Diet article.

7- My guinea pig doesn’t have fur behind its ears, is it normal?

It seems like a specific question, but actually it’s a common one. Especially first time owners can find this situation abnormal. It’s a normal situation and every guinea pig has the same. If it doesn’t have any abnormal appearance like rush or skin bubbles there is nothing to worry about.


8- My guinea pig is bouncing in a funny way, is there a problem with it?

This is another common question we take. Guinea pigs make a bounce called ‘popcorn’ when they are happy. Like a popping corn, they jump up and this means that they are happy or excited. You can watch this attitude slow motion on video below.

9- Which guinea pig species should i prefer to own?

There isn’t a certain answer for this question, but if you’re a first time owner our advice is short-haired species. If you don’t have enough information and experience it will be so hard for you to deal with fur care consistently.

Dutch or American guinea pigs are short haired species and they are accepted as most healthy species in guinea pig breeds. So this species is suggested for first time owners. If you have enough time and enough experience you can prefer long-haired ones too.

Also, you can get detailed information from our Guinea Pig Breeds category. We explained who can own which species for every each breeds.

10- Should i prepare a special diet program for my baby guinea pig?

Although there isn’t any special diet for baby guinea pigs, you may be sensitive a little about their nutrition. Pay attention to not giving greens much, it can cause diarrhea problem. And diarrhea can be fatal for guinea pigs.

Additionally, if you feed your baby guinea pig with dry clover, it will be beneficial for their physical development. Dry clover contains a lot calcium. If you wish, you can read our Dry Weed and Benefits article.