Guinea Pig Bath: Giving a Guinea Pig Bath Step-by-Step

Most of the animals in nature has the ability of cleaning themselves. Our pets have the same ability and don’t panic, guinea pigs can clean themselves too. Guinea pigs don’t get dirty so easily unless you clean their cage or places. Sometimes we have wrong ideas about bathing our pets. We think that they need to have a bath, but it may not be true. We will answer your questions in this article about guinea pig bath like; when should we give a guinea pig a bath, how to give a guinea pig a bath, what are the things we should be careful while bathing guinea pigs, which shampoo is the best for guinea pigs etc. Also there is a video at the end of the article.

Guinea Pig Bath Need

First of all, we should specify that guinea pigs don’t need bathing frequently. In the case of guinea pig cage and places are clean, they won’t need bath. So, how can you tell that they need to have a bath? It’s quite simple to tell. Your guinea pig must be looking dirty obviously. Don’t bath them just because of their fur doesn’t look shiny or they smell. Guinea pig bath can seem enjoyable but it is a very stressfull situation for guinea pigs. Some guinea pigs enjoy bathing but it’s not the same for most of the others. You can give a bath to your guinea pigs for reasons like;

  • If their fur is sticky,
  • When they are looking dirty obviously,
  • If there is dirt on their fur because of their pee and poo,
  • When you suspect about parasites ( you should get extra help from a vet for this)

Your guinea pigs may not smell good according to you, don’t deny their natural odor. If there is a smell because of pee and poo, be sure that their cage is clear and give them a bath.

Guinea Pig Bath

You should be informed and ready before bath them because guinea pigs may not be calm everytime while bathing. They may want to escape from your hands all the time. Therefore, don’t contact them with water before make them calm. Also, the bathing matterials must be prepared first. Guinea pig bathing materials must be like these;

  • A bathtub which is as deep as your guinea pigs fit comfortably and can’t jump and run away easily. For being practical, you can use the appropriate bathtub or sink.
  • Guinea pig shampoo. You can get it from petshops or internet. Don’t use the shampoos for cats or dogs. Even we humans can’t use every type of shampoo, they can’t use a shampoo for other animals.
  • Enough amount of warm water.
  • A towel or cloth for setting the floor of bathtub
  • Guinea pig brush. You can use an old toothbrush.
  • Dry towel and guinea pig comb.

Guinea Pig Bath Step-By-Step

  • First, set the towel or cloth to the floor of your bathtub
  • Fill it with warm water as the way not to exceed your guinea pig’s feet level.
guinea pig bathing meterial

Prepare the Meterials

  • Put your guinea pig into the prepared tub and if he/she is panicked, give him/her some time to calm down. You can give your guinea pig it’s favorite foods, they love to eat.
  • After calming down, you can continue. Wet your guinea pig slowly with warm water. Avoid to wet your guinea pig’s head or contact with water directly. Don’t let the water get into their eyes, ears or nose. It could be dangerous for them.
  • After wet them completely, foam your guinea pigs gently with shampoo. Be careful about the head while foaming too.
guinea pig bath

Give Sometime to Calm Down

  • You can make the head cleaning with a wet cloth without foaming.
  • When they are covered with foam you can brush your guinea pigs slowly. So shedded hairs will be gone.
  • After brushing, rinse your guinea pigs with warm water slowly and carefully. Your guinea pigs may be panicked again so don’t be hurry and give some break for them.
how to a guinea pig a bath

Be Gentle While Bathing

  • After rinse, wrap them with dry towel and wipe them sofly.
guinea pig bath

Wrap with Dry Towel

  • If you use hair dryer, use it in minimum level and far from your guinea pigs 25-30 cm. Hair dryer can cause dry skin and increase hair loss. Also, it could be disturbing for your guinea pigs because they are timid critters.
after guinea pig bath

Using a Hair Dryer

Things You Should Be Careful About

  • If you have guinea pigs more than one, you should bath them one by one.
  • You can guard their head from water with one hand while washing.
  • After bathing, wrap them with towel for a while to dry them. Towel will take your guinea pigs’ wetness and keep them warm at the same time.
guinea pig with towel

After Bathing, Wrap Them with Towel

  • Be gentle while drying. Don’t rub the towel hard. It could irritate their skin. Be carreful while drying head especially.
  • If you have baby guinea pigs, don’t bath them. Baby guinea pigs are very vulnerable.


  • While bathing, use your palm to make your guinea pigs wet. Be sure they are completely wet before starting the fomaing stage.
  • After bathing, groom them while drying. Their hairs will be more tidy.
  • After bathing, put your guinea pigs into a clean cage. It will delay getting dirty again.
  • If you have a litter box in your cage, be sure that your litter box ground matterial is sufficient to absorb moisture. For example; grass hay on the paper isn’t enough by itself. Add some swarf between paper and grass.
  • Clean the cage everyday not completely but locally. Clean the poops scattered around with a little broom and shovel. Take off the leftover fruits and vegetables from the cage. It takes a short time and makes the things easier for you. Your guinea pigs will get dirty more slowly and you will get some more time to clean whole cage again.
  • You must bath them once in a month at most for the winter time, twice a week at most for the summer time.

Sample video for guinea pig bath:

We tried to mention all details about guinea pig bath in this article. I hope it would be useful. Except the bath, if you want to learn how to guinea pig hair care, i suggest you to read our Long Haired Guinea Pig: Guinea Pig Hair Care And Shedding Tips article. To get more information about guinea pigs take a look at our Guinea Pig From A to Z – Everything About Guinea Pigs article. You can ask your questions by using comments area below. If you wish, you can reach our social media accounts and follow us by using social media icons on the right column.

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