Guinea Pig Breeds And Their Characteristics

Like many other pets, guinea pigs have different species within themselves. There is no superiority between guinea pig breeds. Guinea pig breeds are seperated by their hair lenght and shape. Also, every breed can get a front name ‘satin’, except the skinny guinea pigs which are completely hairless.

That front name points out they have a shiny and charming fur. For example, Satin American Guinea Pig is the one having a more fascinating fur in American Guinea Pig breed. Some of Guinea Pig Societies have forbidden to breed Satin species, based on the information that shiny fur can effect bone development negatively.

By the way guinea pig life span doesn’t change breed to breed but some guinea pig breeds may have a strong body structure. Guinea pig noises don’t matter either, they all make same noises. All the same for guinea pig food and diet too.

Guinea Pig Breeds

Although there is no superiority between guinea pig breeds, there could be advantages in terms of hair care. For example, Peruvian Guinea Pigs which means long haired ones and American Guinea Pigs the short haired breed have differences in hair care. It’s more difficult hair caring of a Peruvian guinea pig than American guinea pig.

On the other hand, guinea pig breeds have different characteristics too. These characteristics aren’t valid for every guinea pig but we can generalize most of them. These characteristics can satisfy your expectations except their physical appereance. E.g. American Guinea Pigs are quite active and puckish.

Guinea pigs are very popular in Europe and U.S. You can see guinea pig movies and animations. There are clubs for these animals in Europe and U.S. Every year, these clubs organize many competitions to choose most beautiful guinea pig. Requirements to be chosen are like round head, big eyes, big ears etc. Also they need to have a fit body. Every hair in their fur must be healthy from the bottom to the top and the colours must be certain.

No matter which breed, guinea pigs are adorable animals. Every each of them has a unique appereance and characteristics. You can get a great friendship with any of them. You can reach the pictures and characteristics of popular guinea pig breeds by reading our list below. This article would be useful to get more information about your guinea pig’s breed or if you don’t have one yet, you can get a clear desicion which breed to choose.

American Guinea Pig Breed ( Dutch Guinea Pig)

american guinea pig

When it’s said guinea pig, American guinea pig is the first one comes to mind in guinea pig breeds. They are a pretty common breed. They have short straight hair. Their commonness is related with their fur because hair care of American guinea pig is easier than most of other breeds. They are so active and innocent. If you want to own several guinea pigs, American guinea pig gets along with other breeds happily. If you have little child at home, this breed would be the correct choice.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Breed

abyssinian guinea pig

Abyssinian guinea pig has a unique appearence that they have 8-10 circular hair parts on their fur which is called ‘rosette’. To be more purebred Abyssinian guinea pig, there must be 8 rosettes at least. In hybrids, there are less rosettes than that. They shed a little bit more than others. It could be more difficult to hair care than american guinea pigs, but still they look lovely with those rosettes. Abyssinian guinea pigs are a little more naughty, they can be inclined to escape from the cage. But with a friend you own for him/her, he/she would be get used to living in guinea pig cage without escapes. They like to play games. I ensure you that you will have a great time with abessinian guinea pigs.

Peruvian Guinea Pig Breed

peruvian guinea pig

Peruvian guinea pig has the longest hair in the guinea pig breeds which makes them very special. This lenght can be even 50 cm. They have long but straight hairs. They must be groomed very often for hair care. Some of peruvian guinea pig owners shave their fur. You can see many photos about it on the internet and social media platforms. But this isn’t such a good idea. If you’re going to shave their fur, what’s the matter of having a peruvian anyway? Peruvian guinea pigs need extra care, always remember that. Also they are more anxious and timid than other breeds. Of course it will get used to live with you eventually but it could take time.

Good news is, they are fabulous ones when you make their hair care properly. Besides they are more inactive than others. If you want a less active breed, Peruvian guinea pig could be the one you’re looking for. Lastly i want to point out that the breeds we mentioned till here are the most popular guinea pig breeds. Now let’s continue with others…

Silkie Guinea Pig Breed

silkie guinea pig

They can be named as Sheltie guinea pig either. They have the same long straight hair with Peruvian guinea pigs, except their hair on the head lie down backward. It looks like groomed behind on purpose. Just like the peruvians, Silkie guinea pig’s hair care is difficult too. You should groom them frequently. Therefore, this breed isn’t suggested for children. But you can own Silkie guinea pigs as an adult. Besides, this breed has softer and brighter fur. If you want to get more information about hair care, you can read our Guinea Pig Hair Care And Shedding Tips article. By the way, they have similar characteristics with Peruvian guinea pigs.

Teddy Guinea Pig Breed

teddy guinea pig

Teddy guinea pigs have thin, short and stringly hair. Their fur may not be soft like the others but it takes an easier hair care of this thready fur of them. Even if their hair care isn’t hard, still they need to groom. By the way Teddy guinea pig is known with its roman nose.

Texel Guinea Pig Breed

texel guinea pig

Texel Guinea Pig is the one has a really unique fur in the other breeds. Many people admire this breed because of that fur. They have a huge popularity even in competitions. They have a curly, soft hair. The curly hair covers all the body. The hair is soft but still needs a good care because there could be stickiness on the neglected curls and stickiness can get stable day by day without care. So if you’re about to have a Texel guinea pig, consider that conditions.

White Crested Guinea Pig Breed

white crested guinea pig

It is a rare breed, White Crested guinea pig breed, similar with American guinea pig breed. They have a short and straight hair. The difference from the American guinea pigs is that White crested guinea pigs have a white area on their head looks like a crown. Because of the easy hair care of them, they are suggested for children. As characteristics they are similar with American guinea pigs and also they like populous. Crowd makes them irritated less than other breeds, but still we must remember that timidity is in their nature.

Himalayan Guinea Pig Breed

himalayan guinea pig

Their explicit characteristic is that they have similar appearence with Siamese cats. They have lots of fan because of dark feet, ears and nose. Hair is short and straight. Easy hair care so they are suggested for children. But if you are living in a warm place, Himalayan guinea pigs are not suggested because when they are exposed to sunlight, dark areas on their body would get lighter. Another characteristics of them is that Himalayan guinea pigs have red eyes like albino guinea pigs. Still you can find an hybrid one which has normal eyes.

Rex Guinea Pig Breed

rex guinea pig

Rex guinea pigs are short haired ones. Their hair isn’t longer than 1 cm. Most of mammals have a stratified fur that protect them from abrasions and wetness, but Rex guinea pigs don’t have that laminal hair. Therefore their fur is more like wool. Other characteristic of them is long and low ears. Because of they don’t have stratified protector fur they have a nice texture and they have an easy hair care.

Skinny Guinea Pig Breed

skinny guinea pig

Like Sfenks cat breed, Skinny guinea pigs are almost hairless. There are some hair only on their feet and top of nose. This breed quite different from the others. They need a proper guinea pig care. Because of being hairless they are vulnerable for diseases and allergies so Skinny guinea pigs aren’t suggested for kids. Besides cleaning their cage frequently, you should put them into a warm place and protect them from winds. They can get ill easily if you don’t be careful. Skinny guinea pigs are a breed from laboratory. They are very rare to find so you may not see Skinny guinea pigs for sale.


I hope our article would be useful for you. You can find more detailed information about breeds from our Guinea Pig Breeds article. You can get other informations from our Everything About Guinea Pigs article before owning one. No matter what breed you choose, I’m sure you will have a great time with them. For your questions, don’t hesitate to write us using by comment part below. See you later..

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