Guinea Pig Cage And Equipments

Guinea pigs, native to South America, have been protecting their roots for thousands of years in their natural environment. Guinea pigs entered into human life primarily as a fattening animal. This is a situation that extends to thousands of years ago. Today, in some parts of the world, guinea pig is still a fattening animal. On the other hand, with the move of guinea pigs to Europe, they have become our pets. In many countries guinea pigs are fed as domestic animals in guinea pig cage.

Do we really create the proper environment for these animals we feed in our homes? Guinea pigs are living in cages in our home. Guinea pig cage is their living space. How much enough is this cage for them to live in? How should guinea pig cage be or how should guinea pig cage’s mesurements be? What kind of equipment should guinea pig cage contain? While we answer these questions in this article, we will present practical solutions for you. It would be wise to take some time for this article, because while you are reading it, you will spend a little time, but most of their lifetime will spend in that cage.

Guinea Pig Cage Mesurements

When you research about guinea pig cage, some sites or petshops give standart measures according to the number of the guinea pigs. They claim that your guinea pigs will be comfortable in the cage they sell. Ofcourse they will claim, otherwise how will they sell it? In fact, guinea pig cages in many petshops or internet are pretty small unfortunately. Most of these cages are like living in an area of 5-6 m2 when we think to people. I don’t mean to compare with us, but we can make them a bit relaxed and believe me it isn’t too difficult. It just needs a little more space.

If we come to the scale, we can make a table like this;

Guinea Pig Cage Mesurements

I have to say that the measures we have in article are the minimum measures, so if you have the possibility you can provide more, don’t think too much. The more space the better.

Wide Area Benefits to Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig cages

Heart and respirotary systems should be healthy for a long and healthy life. Exercise is very important for heart and respirotary systems. These areas provide a comfortable living space for guinea pigs, but also provide some exercise. At the same time they will be guinea pigs that are alive, more toned and have stronger immun system. Healthier guinea pigs will make you pay less. So you may be paying more for a good and wide cage, but it will be more advantageous for you in the long run. In this sense, a wide and good cage is more adventageous as financially.

Another important factor is that in the guinea pigs who can not exercise enough, anal region muscles are weak and it is difficult to throw their feces out. In this case, it’s your responsibility and you may need to clean your guinea pig’s anal area frequently. Although, a large cage doesn’t do this alone, you can make your guinea pigs effort more and stay strong by putting into cage ramps, tree trunks or natural stones.

guinea pig rampguinea pig balance boardguinea pig tunnel

Except exercise, health and finance, a wide guinea pig cage is more fun. You can put a lot of toys and hiding places into which they can play and have fun. Don’t forget, you’ll have a more enjoyable time with a more pleasent guinea pig.

Wide cages are also more comfortable in terms of cleanliness. A narrow cage has a small cleaning area, but it’s more difficult than a larger one. With a more comfortable cleaning, you reduce the time you spend for cleaning. Cleaning is important for not to get tired of you in many years.

Guinea Pig Cage Base Material And Fences

I recommend you to use a fence with a height of 25-40 cm. In addition, the base material inside of the fence should rise to a height of 10-15 cm. This will prevent outflow of the chips, grass and other materials. The top of the cage may remain open. If your guinea pig is happy inside the cage, he will not try to escape.

Never use spaced wire bases as base material. These bases are not convinient to guinea pigs and can also harm them. These can irritate your guinea pigs’ feet, attach to their fingernails and tear them apart. In the same way, cleaning is also more difficult. It is a good idea to choose plastic floors that are easy to clean as a base material.

You can find ready-made guinea pig cage with these features, or you can do it yourself by combining some products. For example, you can use withmor cubes as a fence material or you can buy 2 packages from trixie hamster game garden to use it as fence for a large cage. It is quite practical if you can supply whitmor.

whitmor cubestrixie garden

For base material, you can use coroplast or decote material that are sold in advertisers. I used dekota (pvc foam) material. Dekota is a tab used in advertising panels. It can be cut easily with a knife and it sticks strongly with 502 glue. If your hand is familiar to this kind of workmanship, you can create a cage of the size and shape you want by doing a bit of work.

In-Cage Materials

guinea pig equipments

Water Bottle

Guinea pigs drink water from vertical water bottles that can be placed anywhere on their cage. Do not use the ones used for cats or dogs. Guinea pigs are very timid animals and will flee quickly as soon as they feel themselves in danger, and even during these runs they will be able to knock over the water containers over and over again.

Food Bowls

It will be useful for you to buy irreversible food bowls for pets. You can buy them easily from any petshop. It would be beneficial if it was ceramic, so your guinea pig won’t be able to chew it. They can chew anything they could.

guinea pig dish bowlguinea pig food bowl

Guinea Pig Bed

Guinea pigs usually prefer the nooks of the cage to lie and sleep. They use these angles for peeing too. If you put their bed in an open space to avoid their pee, they won’t come to bed neither sleep or lie. For this reason, the bed should definitely be supported by materials absorbing moisture. To put it plainly, you will use this bed in their litter training and it will be very useful. You can get more detailed information about the subject by reviewing our article named Guinea Pig Litter Training In 9 Steps.

litter box filled

Ramp Setup

With a wooden ramp system, a tree trunk or natural stones, you can setup and land systems into the cage. This will allow them to make more effort in the cage.

Hiding Places

Guinea Pigs love hiding and enclosed areas. If you cover the tops of their bed with fences, for a while later they will even get used to their beds easily. If you want to keep extra hiding containers inside the cage, it is useful to put a patient diaper or a towel mop that can be washed easily, because they will most likely pee in it. For hiding containers, you can use deep fruit or vegetable boxes by cutting one side of it into a door and reversing it to bottom of the cage.

Other Suggestions

For easy cleaning on the base of the cage, you can use disposable picnic covers. Disposable picnic covers aren’t very durable but they can handle for up to 3 days. At the top of these covers is a thin sheet of paper that absorbs even a small amount of moisture and a thin gelatin that prevents fluid passage underneath. If you have given a good litter train to your guinea pigs, they won’t get too wet and provide you with great convenience during cleaning.

disposable cover

Do not use cat litter or crystals in the cage and hiding places to suck liquid. These substances contain chemicals, especially those of essence. Instead, use sawdust. I haven’t experienced chippings but cedar wood shavings are not recommended. Try to get it from the chips of other trees.

You can place pieces by cutting towel mops to certain areas of the cage. Sometimes they have a great pleasure to lie on them. Especially their stomach is full. Guinea pigs love to rest when they are fed nicely.

macaroni mopguinea pig mop

Clean the cage locally everyday. Don’t keep vegetables and fruits that they didn’t eat in cage moreover than one day. The next day, take out the vegetables and fruits from the day before. So the cage will stay clean longer. For this you can use a small broom and shovel.


As a final reminder, if you are going to own 2 male guinea pigs, the cage must be 1.2 m2 at least because male guinea pigs will determine their territory and will want to dominate it. If the regions are very interwined, it will cause them to fight frequently.

I hope there are no places forgotten. If summarization is necessary, take a wide cage at the beginning or make your own cage. Don’t think the size of the cage for a baby guinea pig. When they are adults they will need a large cage. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and you can support us by sharing our writings on social media with our sharing buttons. Thank you already.

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