Guinea Pig Diet – Guinea Pig Food With All Details

Guinea pig diet is one of the most important issues.  Actually, guinea pigs are the easiest animals can be fed but it’s really important how properly we feed them. To give them a healty and happy life, first step is feeding them right. There are lots of factors effected on your guinea pig life span and diet is on the top of the list. In this article we will try to give every detail about guinea pig diet.

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Guinea Pig Diet – What Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Basicly, guinea pigs eat vegetables, fruits and seeds. Besides of these, they need to eat timothy hay and dry foods either. So, to be an healty diet, in which rate do we feed them with all of these stuff? Here comes a general rate; %60 of dry food and timothy hay, %25 of vegetables and %15 of fruits.

guinea pig food

Importance Of Vitamin C

Don’t ever forget that Vitamin C is an absolute need for guinea pigs. Just like humans, they can’t synthesize and stock vitamin C in their body. Therefore, they need to take Vitamin C daily. The daily amount of Vitamin C is 10-30 mg. Vegetables with dark green leafs are rich in point of Vitamin C.

Give the vegetables raw. Most of Vitamin C would be lost if you cook them.

In lack of Vitamin C guinea pigs can have several sicknesses like hair loss, anorexia, weakness, weakining of immune system, muscle weakness, pain in joints and limitation of movement etc.

Also, we listed Vitamin C rates of some foods for you;
Vitamin C rates of each 100 grams of foods are like below:

190.0mg-Pepper (red, sweet)
89.3mg-Green Pepper
85.0mg-Brussels Sprouts
24.0mg-Curly Lettuce
16.3mg-Green Beans

3.3mg-Dried Grape

Additionally, we don’t suggest to put into their water tablets or powder for Vitamin C support. The reason why, guinea pigs can give up drinking water becuse of the changed taste. So they can’t take their daily water requirement. By the way, extra Vitamin C isn’t harmful. It will be throwed away with pee.

Impotance Of Timothy Hay

guinea pig is eating hay

Timothy hay is very important for guinea pigs to get fiber. Fibers have a big role to balance their digestion system. On the other side, they need timothy hay to rasp their teeth. You should keep timothy hay in their cage continuously. The best hay type is alfa-alfa hay, it contains high level calcium. Guinea pigs really love to eat alfa-alfa hay. You can give alfa-alfa hay for all ages. However, you should stop feeding a guinea pig alfalfa hay continuously at about 6 months of age because of the high calcium levels. Adult guinea pigs are more susceptible to kidney stones.

On the other hand, you can pick up hay in spring months and after drying, your guinea pigs will eat them with love. But you must be careful about your picking area isn’t medicated orherwise it could be fatal for your guinea pigs. Grass hay can be perfect, also you can make it much cheaper.

Another way is buying timothy hay from farms. In nearby villages there must be someone who does farming and they must have timothy hay. For a small fee, you can get a lot of timothy hay from them. Maybe they don’t even take money for it. You should be careful that dried hay musn’t be yellow and rough. Green and soft hay is always better. Also be careful about wild herbs and sharp stuffs in it. To get more detailed information about timothy hay you can take a look at our Benefits Of Timothy Hay article.

You can use timothy hay for litter training. By putting timothy hay you can guide them into their litter boxes and so you can train them much faster. To get more information about litter training you can visit our Guinea Pig Litter Training topic.

Guinea Pig Food – The Importance of Dry Food

guinea pig is eating dry food

Their only need isn’t Vitamin C and fiber. These are just the most important ones. Except those, guinea pigs need other vitamins and minerals. Maybe we can provide their needs of vitamin C, fiber, even other vitamins and minerals by giving them timothy hay, vegetables and fruits. But still there would be lack of something. For example guinea pigs need Vitamin D and some herbal based proteins. That’s the point of dry food. Dry foods are concentrated nutrients contain lots of vitamins and minerals to strengthen your guinea pig’s immun system. Guinea pigs can take vitamins and minerals from dry food that they couldn’t get from vegetables and fruits. But it doesn’t mean yo can feed them only with dry food. For healthy diet, they need diversity.

As a reminder, you musn’t give them dry foods which are for rabbits or hamsters. Hamsters are carnivorous critters so their food contains animal based proteins. Guinea pigs are herbivorous and they musn’t eat them. By the way, rabbit food contains some antbiotics good for rabbits but dangerous for guinea pigs. In short, you should give them guinea pig food only.

Importance of Fresh Vegetables And Fruits

To make a balance on guinea pig diet, fresh vegetables and fruits are really important. One of the top rules about healthy feeding is diversity and you can provide that with fresh vegetables and fruits. Your guinea pigs will eat them with more appetite than dry food and timothy hay. You can make them happy with fresh foods. At the same time they will be taken other vitamins and minerals naturally.

You can give them a cup of or a handful fresh vegetables once in a day. Guinea pigs favorite foods are pepper, tomato, carrot, cucumber, parsley, dill etc. Don’t keep the fresh foods in their cage more than one day. They wouldn’t eat faded and rotten vegetables and their cage would became much more dirty.

guinea pig favorite foods

Guinea Pig Favorite Foods

Don’t forget not to give them vegetables and fruits you can’t eat.

Forbidden Foods For Guinea Pigs

Avoid from foods contain high amount of calory and sugar. Other than this, some foods could be harmful for guinea pigs. For example; high caloried fruits can cause bladder problems or diarrhea. Diarrhea can be fatal for these critters. Fruits like dred grape contain high amount of sugar. There is an image for you about forbidden foods for guinea pigs. If you wish, you can save this image in your phone or computer so you can reach it when you can’t remember what they are.

guinea pig forbidden foods

Guinea Pig Forbidden Foods

Multivitamins And Supplies

If you provide a balanced guinea pig diet, you won’t need any other nutritional support. Most of the nutritional supplements are money traps unfotunately. If you are suspicious about your guinea pig diet, first of all you should take an experienced vet’s advice, and if he/she offers you can use multivitamins and nutritional supplements. You can buy them from any petshop.

Fresh Water

Refresh their water daily. For their health, they could reach fresh water all the time. You can use vertical water bottles. These bottles have pipes with metal balls on the end of it. They prevent the water be poured. Don’t use the water bowl which are for cats and dogs. When these timid critters feel themselves in danger, they will run fast and in this bustle they will overthrow that kind of water bowls, even they will jump into it over and over again.

Clear the inside of water bottle often. As a hint: put into it a few rices, a little vinegar and water then shake it strong. After that rinse it with water properly.

guinea pig fresh water


Guinea Pig Diet Control

Don’t forget to check amounts of your guinea pig’s foods. Guinea pigs have a great appetite like they’re always hungry. As much as you feed, they will always want more. If you feed them everytime they want, you will have obese guinea pigs. They could seem cute, but it’s not the right choice for a long healthy guinea pig life span. If your guinea pigs start to gain weight, reduce their foods. If you have kids, warn them too about this situation because little children love to feed animals and they can feed them overmuch.

fat guinea pig

Dish Bowls

Clean them regularly and try to use dish bowls they can’t overhrow. Be careful that they don’t chew their bowls. Guinea pigs can chew everything they could. You don’t want them to eat their dish bowls with their food. 🙂 It would be wise using the ceramic ones. Because of its weight they can’t overthrow it at the same time they can’t chew it either.

guinea pig dish bowl

Conclusions For Guinea Pig Diet

As a result, we tried to mention every detail about guine pig diet on this article. I hope we didn’t miss any point. If you have questions or comments, by using comment section you can share your thoughts and questions. It would be useful for people having the same issues. To get more information about guinea pigs, you can visit our main page or take a look at categories. See you at the new articles!

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