Litter Train Your Guinea Pig In 9 Steps – Litter Training

If you have a pet at home, the most important training for you would be the litter training. It’s a major factor to make easier maintenance of your pet. If you don’t teach them litter training, things will be more troublesome for you. Guinea pigs can take litter training, moreover; you can do it easily trough this article which has 4 stages and 9 steps.

This is an important topic so i gave priority to this article. If i can be available i will tape a video about this topic but now i can only help by writing.

About Guinea Pig Litter Train

While writing this article, i will separate defecation into pee and poo. I hope it won’t bother you mentioning pee and poo over and over again. I have to write it clearly to prevent the complications. Guinea pigs pee and poo nonstop, everlastingly! They can poo even when walking. These animals has an industrious digestion system. 🙂 Cleaning the feces and mess spread around could be onerous for you. You can make it easier by using a litter box and keep the cage clear.

Observe It

  1. Observe your guinea pigs for a couple of days. Define the areas where they pee and poo in the cage. Generally they prefer the corners or sheltered areas.

Get A Litter Box

litter box

  1. The box you’re going to use must have dimensions like: width= 20-25 cm, lenght= 35-40 cm, height= 10 cm at most.
  2. Pay attention for height not to be too high. Your guinea pigs must be able to in and out easily.

Prepare The Litter Box

litter box filled

  1. Put papers into the box ground at least 3-4 layer.
  2. Add guinea pig swarf with 2-3 cm height and diffuse it equally on the box ground. Cover the papers with swarf until you can’t see them through
  3. Lastly, add some timothy hay or alfa-alfa hay onto it. It will help them to get used to litter box easily.

Place The Box

  1. Place the box to the corner which is your guinea pigs prefer mostly. 
  2. You can add some dirty paper gotten dirt by your guinea pigs. It will canalize them to defecate there.
  3. If you are lucky, your guinea pigs would accept their litter boxes in 1 or 2 days. It would be wise to use 2 of same boxes if you have guinea pigs more than one.

guinea pig litter training

litter train


  • You must change the boxes content once in 3 days. Because guinea pigs don’t keep defecating to a dirty area.
  • Wash your litter boxes once in 2 or 3 weeks but don’t use heavy chemicals like bleach or something. Residual of these chemicals are very dangerous for guinea pigs. You can use soap when it’s necessary. But pay attetion to rinse the boxes with much water, properly.
  • Avoid using cat litter instead of swarf. Guinea pigs can eat cat litter and it can poison them. Especially odored ones contain much more dangerous chemicals and they can cause respirotary issues either.
  • Your litter box doesn’t have to be bought from petshop. You can get similar boxes like below, from plastic stores. It will see the bussiness too.

    plastic box for guinea pig litter training

  • If you have one guinea pig prefers several corners, you can use 2 boxes.
  • You can cover upside of the litter boxes corner. Guinea pigs like sheltered areas so it will make them feel safe.

guinea pig in triangle litter box

Things To Remeber

  • Don’t use force to your guinea pigs to make them use their litter boxes. Don’t try to push them to canalize.
  • Guinea pigs are loyal to their litter boxes to pee but still they are not careful about poo. They can poo out of the boxes.
  • You can clean the poops on outside of the boxes by using a small broom and shovel and put them back to boxes. It could canalize them to poo into the boxes.
  • Lastly, don’t forget that there is a possibility of your guinea pigs may never get litter training. Although this training is mostly successful, some guinea pigs can be very stubborn.


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