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Guinea Pig Sounds And Meanings – Guinea Pig Noises

Animals have their own language has noises and sounds to communicate with others. If you have guinea pigs you should figure out their language, which guinea pig sounds means what. They can tell you a lot, if you know how to listen. When you know what they want, your approach would be nicer and you can build a strong bond with your guinea pigs. You can understand better when they are stressed, when they don’t want you to come closer, hungry or troubled. It would get easier make your guinea pigs happy by understanding their language.

Guinea Pig Noises

Guinea pig sounds change, sometimes they tell you good situations and sometimes it means bad news. We categorized their sounds as positive and negative guinea pig sounds. You can increase the volume of your device to hear it clearly.

Positive Guinea Pig Sounds


guinea pig sounds wheeking

  • This noise is the most common and popular one that guinea pigs make.
  • They often make this sound to call you. They make it generally when they expect something or while they are excited; also, sometimes they can use this noise if they are bored or as a respond of seeing their owners. If your guinea pigs are wheeking when they see you even if they aren’t hungry, so that only means they love you so much.
  • You can consider wheeking as begging. If you have a specific time to feed them, they wheek louder at this time of the day.
  • They call their servants for duty: “Come here, feed me!” 🙂
  • If they wheek even if they are full, it means they want to be cuddled and pet or have some free time out of the cage.
  • Lastly, they wheek when you open your fridge or rustle nylon bags. They code these voices as a sound of food source in their minds. Also they have really sensitive ears. So, good luck with the kitchen voices.

Slight Begging

  • Some other respond for the fridge and nylon bags. They should be finally understood that foods won’t come out after every fridge and nylon sounds.
  • This voice tells you, your guinea pigs have doubts about food source but still want to make you know that they are there, waiting for any chance that you consider about to feed them.
  • The sounds you hear behind in this record are peeling and chopping carrots voices which guinea pigs can keep in their memory.
  • Whenever you chop some vegetables at kitchen, they can beg you: “Please, give me some too!
  • If there is no eating case, but they are still begging faintly, that could be a call for cage cleaning. A dirty cage would bother them and you should clean it as soon as possible.
  • At the same time they could be asking for cuddling, having free time on floor or taking some attention like children.

Grazing Sound

guinea pig hay

  • The sound while your guinea pigs eat their grass hay.
  • I’m sure it will make you feel relaxed. It’s really amusing watching them eat with hunger.

Purring Happily

  • Your guinea pigs purr when they feel happy or enjoy their-selves.
  • They can also make it while they eat, groom or cuddled.
  • Sometimes they take a walk for exploration and purr with happiness. Because they are very curious critters and they love to discover new places.
  • You should be careful about when and where they make this noise because guinea pig language can tell you different conditions when sounds unite with actions. And they can purr if they are bothered.

Snoring In Sleep

guinea pig sleep

  • Guinea pigs snore in sleeping just like humans.
  • Their snoring noises are generally tiny voices that you can recognize by coming closer.
  • Your guinea pigs can have respiratory system issue if they are snoring loud and much. You should find an experienced vet about guinea pigs and examine them.

Singing Like A Bird

  • We’ve never heard this one from our guinea pigs, but it exists.
  • This sound is very rare and hard to understand the meaning.
  • The sound pattern is like a bird singing.
  • It could mean your guinea pigs are stressed. Or if you have a baby guinea pig, he/she could be looking for feeding.

Negative Guinea Pig Sounds


  • Guinea pig’s growl sounds like “drr, drr”. With this voice they vibrate their body at the same time.
  • Growling sound means your guinea pigs are stressed and scared.
  • By the way, if they are living more than two, as a group, they growl to prove their superiority.
  • While cuddling, if you touch their taboo body parts they growl to you.
  • Actually, i like that sound  Our Chubby makes it so often.
  • Chubby can growl even our phone’s message tone. He is a little grumpy, but we love him so much 🙂
  • Also, your guinea pigs could growl if you force them to cuddle. If your guinea pigs are running to the corner of cage and growling, don’t try to handle them, don’t force, just let them alone or trick with foods. It will make it easy to get used to you.


  • When your guinea pigs bother or dislike something, they make the moaning to warn you or other guinea pigs.
  • You can also hear this voice in casing games they play each other.
  • Sometimes, while you pet them, groom them or brush if you hurt, they can make that sound. Even if it doesn’t hurt, they may feel uncomfortable. While grooming they may be stressed. In such cases you can pet your guinea pigs with soft touches by one of your hands while grooming, so they will get relax.
  • Hair care is important of course but you should be nice.
  • Also you may be forcing them to stay on an unpleasant place. So let them be relieved.

Teeth Chattering

guinea pig teeth

  • That one is an aggressive voice, means your guinea pig is angry or agitated.
  • Guinea pigs make that sound by chattering their teeth each other.
  • Generally they make it when you try to force them cuddling.
  • They can support the voice by showing teeth and rising the head.
  • In short, they say “back of!” or “stay away from me”. So you should take the advice and stay away for a while.
  • After sometime, go them with their favorite foods, you’ll see all that negative energy is gone.

Fight Or Die

  • Generally teeth chattering comes along with this voice. Sometimes it means your guinea pigs defense their-selves, and sometimes they could be upset because of foods or bed.
  • Guinea pigs make it when they run or as a response for sudden dangers.
  • If you have two male guinea pigs and one of them wheeks like this, they could start to fight in the moment. There could be bites so be careful not to hurt each other.
  • We know it’s rare but still guinea pigs can attempt to bite their owners. In such cases, you should respect their private area and be calm. You should never ever shout at them or harm.

“It Hurts” Sound

  • The sound of displeasure, pain or fear.
  • This is a reaction to pain or danger.
  • When i heart that voice first, it was middle of the night, woke up with panic and found them fighting each other badly. We separated them with another cage till the morning. So they came through.
  • It’s a good idea to keep another cage at home. You can use it in such situations.
  • If there is no reason but still your guinea pigs are making that sound, you should get them to vet immediately and check if everything is alright.

Guinea Pig Cough

  • Sound of coughing, choke or sneezing can has different causes in guinea pigs. For most of them there is nothing to worry about because sneezing and some coughing voices are accepted normal for guinea pigs.
  • If the cough appeares with other respiratory system problems, if there are symptoms of other sicknesses or if your guinea pigs are coughing so often, take them to your vet immediately.

Some reasons of coughing are like these;

  • Eating and drinking too fast. If your guinea pigs are coughing while eating or drinking, it’s probably because of their hunger and there is nothing to worry about.
  • An irritation on trachea. Dust and dirty irritate guinea pigs’s lungs. You should review bedding material or refresh their grass hay if it’s old and dusty.
  • Upper respiratory tract infection. It’s a very dangerous bacterial infection and if it’s left neglected, ends with death. You should be very careful about that. Generally it appeares with other syndromes and it isn’t like the one while eating and drinking.
  • You can keep your guinea pigs’ immune system strong by paying attention on their diet. If you wish, read our Guinea Pig Food And Diet article to get more information.

As you see, we can talk a lot on guinea pig sounds. Voices aren’t enough to understand them by itself. You should spend much time with them and also you should solve their body language. I hope this article will useful for you.

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