Long Haired Guinea Pig: Guinea Pig Hair Care and Shedding Tips

Long haired guinea pig hair care has more requirement than short haired guinea pig. But short haired guinea pig still needs hair care, don’t forget that too. If you have a long haired guinea pig, reading this article would be really helpful for you.

By the way, if you are trying to decide to own a long haired guinea pig, getting an idea about guinea pig hair care would make things easier. After reading the article named guinea pig hair care, you can deside to own a short haired guinea pig. So i advice you to read this article carefully.

Guinea pigs can shed a lot especially when it’s getting warmer in spring. This situation can cause much more dirty in their cage, also it can spread around in your house and trigger allergy. You can’t prevent their shedding totally but there are some methods to reduce. We analized this topic under 3 titles;

Guinea Pig Hair Care: Getting Shedding Under Control

Groom your guinea pig regularly.

  • It will be helpful about shedding, grooming your guinea pig everyday or every other day. Be sure that you were gentle when you were grooming them, if comb touches the hairless area it can cause scratches. Regular hair care is very important for long haired guinea pig.
  • You can use soft baby brushes. Also by using metal comb clear away the shedded hairs. So your guinea pig’s fur will be look shiny and healthy.

guinea pig hair care

You can also use furminator.

  • Anti-shedding tools kind of furminators are designed from two metal combs to catch shedded hairs. Furminators for cats will be useful for guinea pigs either.
  • Be sure that you don’t hurt your guinea pig’s sensitive skin. Anti-shedding combs and brushes can be sharp and abrasive. So be careful and gentle when using.
using furminator to guinea pig care

Using Furminator

Clean their cage regularly.

  • Guinea pig cage must be cleared every day or several times in a week. It has a vital importance for them. Because of they don’t have immun vaccine like cats and dogs, being in a dirty cage makes them available for getting sick. So a dirty cage can cause shedding besides many diseases.
  • Don’t use heavy chemicals to clear their cage. Prefer to use water with a little soap or water with vinegar. Before putting your guinea pig back to cage, be sure that it’s completely dried.
cleaning cage to guinea pig hair care

Clean Cage Regularly

Remember that guinea pigs shed seasonally.

  • Guinea pig shedding can’t be cleared off totally. Please don’t forget that. Guinea pigs; especially long haired guinea pig sheds seasonally so don’t be surprised when they sheedded on spring and summer days more than winter.

Baby guinea pigs shed their baby hairs totally.

  • Fur of baby guinea pigs gets thinner and thinner and shed completely then new hairs come up. This is a natural process, there’s nothing to worry about it.
  • There is no preventive solutions about this kind of shedding because it’s a natural process. It’s necessary for your guinea pig to become an healthy adult. To minimize the dirtiness in this process, keep clean their cage and clear your house frequently.

Additionally, guinea pigs can have bath at regular intervals. If you want, you can take a look at our ‘Guinea Pig Bath Step By Step’ article to get more info about it.

Guinea Pig Hair Care: Find The Reason of Shedding

Give them Vitamin C support

Lack of Vitamin C can cause shedding with guinea pigs. Although your dry foods or pelets contain Vitamin C this could be deficient for your guinea pigs. Therefore, to guarantee reducing shedding because of lack of Vitamin C, feed your guinea pigs with fresh fruits and vegetables contain high Vitamin C. Don’t forget the importance of Vitamin C on guinea pig shedding.

  • Some choices with Vitamin C for you; orange, tomato, broccoli, and cabbage.
  • Also, you can add to their water some Vitamin C supports as powder or drop from pharmacies.
vitamin c syrup

Em-vit C Syrup

Aslında düzenli su içmeleri için pek önerdiğimiz bir durum değil çünkü suyun tadındaki değişim su içmelerini olumsuz etkileyebilir.

Be sure that they take enough protein

%15 of their daily diet consist of proteins. Although they are herbivorous, they need proteins. Protein deficiency can cause extreme hair loss.

  • Herbal based protein sources for your guinea pigs; rolled oats, green pea, beans, artichoke etc.

Check for infections and fungus.

Itchy hairless areas can be symptoms for fungus or infection. This kinds of infections can cause shedding. Sometimes there could be extreme hair loss. To prevent fungus or infection like this, you can use local creams or oils. On the other hand it would be better if you go to an experienced vet, so you can get a proper examination for your guinea pigs.

Keep your guinea pigs’ materials dry and calm. Warm and humid stuffs can cause fungus or infection.

Check for parasites.

Lice, fleas or other parasites can roost on your guinea pig’s body and cause itching and hair loss. When you check their fur inside, you may see little black insects. Then your guinea pigs can be under parasite infestation. Take them to vet immediately. Your vet will bring necessary medications for guinea pig hair loss, itching and parasites.

guinea pig hair care

Guinea Pig Hair Care: Check for Parasites

Don’t use cedar sawdust in cage.

You could think that sawdust might be better for cage to eliminate the smell and absorb the liquid. Even if it’s true, never use cedar sawdust for their cage. Cedar sawdust can increase skin problems and shedding, also its ingredients can cause pulmonary and respiration problems.

Keep away your guinea pigs from stress.

Guinea pigs can shed extremely when they feel stressed. Guinea pigs are sensitive animals and being irritated is in their nature. If you don’t solve their problems they will keep feeling stressed and shedding.

  • For example, if you have 2 male guinea pigs and if one of them is alfa and being bully to another one, this is a reason of stress for beta. If you make them spend time seperated, by putting a transparent barrier between them to keep them seeing each other, alfa can’t disturb the other one. So they can get used to each other with time.

guinea pig on stress

Guinea Pig Hair Care: Medical Diagnosis for Shedding

Hormonal Imbalance

Even we humans can have some health issues including hair loss and baldness because of hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalance has the same effect on guinea pigs, it can cause hair loss as patches or extensive.

  • If your guinea pigs’ fur is shedded as a handful or there are hariless areas on them, take them to vet immediately because those are not seasonal shedding.

Get them checked about Cushing Syndrome

Cushing disease is a syndrome that effects on adrenal glands working. Bigger adrenal glands can cause hair loss. Guinea pigs are very sensitive to that disease and they can shed extremely because of it. Talk to your vet about cushing disease and adrenal glands problems to get related tests.

  • Those tests includes physical examination and blood analysis. Blood analysis gives you information about your guinea pig’s thyroid and adrenal glands problems or infections. Physical examination gives you information about body temperature, quality of fur, health of ears and eyes etc. of your guinea pigs.

As a reminder, guinea pigs’ body system can’t take penicillin. Many vets have knowledge about it but an unexperienced vet about guinea pigs may not know. For your guinea pigs’ safety, check the ingredients of medicines if they contain penicillin unconditionally.

Take pregnancy into consideration as an option

If your female guinea pig lives with males, you should consider pregnancy for a reason of shedding. Such as pregnant women lost hair, pregnant guinea pigs shed their hairs too. If this is the situation, after birth, your guinea pig’s shedding problem will be solved.

pregnant guinea pig


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