is a blog site sharing information about pet guinea pigs and it will be called Guinea Pig Info in Privacy Policy and Terms of Use texts below.

Privacy Policy

privacy policy

Guinea Pig Info is extremely respectful to your privacy. If you have time to look, you can get from this text; what data we saved and with what purpose we will use them.

Saved Datas and Their Purposes

Just like every website, our site saves some basic datas too. Some of them are reference pages, browser datas, time reports and IP adresses. Our saved datas aren’t limited just with these. These datas don’t put any visitor to position of particular individual. These datas just help us to analyze our site.

When it’s necessary, Guinea Pig Info can save your web history by using cookies to serve you better and present better content options through cookies and scripts. Also, some advertisement partners and third part applications could get data about your web history by web markers or scripts. Their purpose is to present you better advertisements or options and for those datas their privacy policy is in force. If you don’t want your datas saved, you can close your cookies from browser settings. You can make it for one site or completely. If you have doubt about our privacy, our advise for you is closing the cookies for our site. But don’t forget that cookies are helpful for you to obtain useful results.

Below the topic titles e-mail adresses which are necessary for comment area, optional e-mail adresses in the end of the articles which are taken for bulletin subscriptions and other optional e-mail adresses on footer area (below) which are taken for bulletin subscriptions again and also e-mail adresses which are taken on contact page are not shared with third parties. These datas are saved to contact you and to inform you about our site. For this, our site uses Mailchimp for WP addition. E-mail adresses are saving by using mailchimp site and in this situation adress’ privacy policy is in force.

You can reach the privacy policy of from;

The saved datas about using and sharing social media are gathered within their own privacy policy and their privacy policy is in force.

If you have questions about our privacy policy, you can use our contact page or you can send your questions to our mail adress

Terms of Use


Guinea Pig Info is a website containing information articles about pet guinea pigs. Article contents belong to Guinea Pig Info. External links in our articles are placed by us. Because of we don’t check consistently the external links’ situation, we couldn’t aware of their updated content. Therefore, clicking the external links and opening the pages are completely in responsibility of users.

All writings and graphic designs belong to Guinea Pig Info. As well as Guinea Pig Info has all the article contents its own, it can use images which don’t have copyrights and arrangements can be done on these images. Guinea Pig Info is extremely respectful to copyrights. If you see any content that violate your copyrights please contact with us. After pointing out the violation of copyrights, the content will be removed from our website.

To contact with us you can use or form in our contact page.

Contents belong our site can’t be used modified or entirely without fulfilling the necessary terms of use. Necessary terms of use are like this;

  1. If a content belonging to our website will be used, unconditionally there must be phrases like links or expressions in writing show that it is a quotation from our site.
  2. If contents belonging to our website will be used in a printed platfom (like magazine, newspaper, book etc. ), there must be phrases show that they are quotation from our site.

Necessary expressions and links are like these:

According to platform, if those terms of use aren’t fulfilled, Guinea Pig Info can claim its every legal rights.

Site’s substructure is updated wordpress blog system. Theme it used is paid taken and developed from adress Through various programs and softwares, taking and using the version which is developed for our site are forbidden.

For your questions about our Terms of Use, you can use our contact page or you can send your questions to our mail adress .