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Reasons For Owning A Guinea Pig (Quickly)

We wrote this article based on our experiences with guinea pigs for people who are thinking of owning a guinea pig. I got help from my wife for this writing because the idea of owning a guinea pig came from her at the first time. She knows best, what she tought at the begining, what she asked and which answers she searched for.

I couldn’t comment first because i didn’t have much knowledge about guinea pigs. But now, it would be a shame if there isn’t such an article about reasons to own a guinea pig, in a website trying to inform people everything about the guinea pigs. Without extending the word, i’m sharing you the article written by my wife, with no changes. I hope it would be useful for you.

Owning A Guinea Pig

For a while ago, i wanted to own a pet, but i was not sure. Cats or dogs were so difficult to take care for me, especially because of their hair loss, cleaning their dirt and expense.

I didn’t want fishes or birds because i wanted a pet that i can cuddle, easy to care. A pet which can recognize its owner. I was about to have a hamster, but when i learnt they have 1-1,5 year lifespan, so i left that idea too.

One day, i was surfing on the internet, i discovered some kind of pet that i’ve never heard before. If the writings about it was true, this pet was just perfect for me. Easy to care in comparison with dogs and cats, love to cuddle, recognize its owner; a very cute rodent.

Guinea Pig Rodent

They are very clean animals and don’t carry any diseases therefore they don’t have any vaccines to get. Guinea pig food contains dry food and tomato, cucumber, parsley, pepper etc in addition. Also guinea pig lifespan is 6-8 years.

Guinea pigs are jumping to the air when they’re happy, squeaking when they’re hungry and better than everything, they know you. They want you to love them and look after. They like to be caress under their chin and back.

These cute rodents can live in a cage with the condition of being wide. Guinea pig cages must be wide enough to jump and run comfortably for them. Their pee and poo are almost scentless in comparison with dogs and cats. And also, they can take litter training.

They don’t bite you or chew you, they don’t escape from guinea pig cage. All they need is food and care. Guinea pigs are social animals that don’t like being alone. Their ears are very sensitive so they can be very afraid of noises. In their natural environment, guinea pigs are prey for hunters so they don’t like being exposed, always want to hide in sheltered corners. It’s up to you to calm and familiarize these timid animals for living with you. But don’t worry, you can handle with guinea pig care very easily.

Our Guinea Pigs

I have two guinea pigs now, Hımbıl (Slouchy) and Tombul (Chubby). First i owned Hımbıl, but like i told you before; they are social animals which are happy living with crowd. Therefore I don’t want Hımbıl to be upset when he was alone at home, so i owned Tombul to become a friend for him. They both are males, sometimes they can’t share the foods or me. But they never give any harm each other.

This is a picture of them.


Himbil and Tombul

Our first guinea pig cage was like that.

guinea pig cages

Our First Cage

They love watermelon. Somehow Tombul likes the rind most ?

If you want to own a guinea pig, let’s consider it with negative and positive sides:

Positive Sides;

  • Easy to care
  • Low cost
  • Able to being cuddling
  • Able to litter training
  • Liveable in cage
  • No bitings, loving being loved
  • Recognizing the owner
  • Making cute noises
  • Almost no smell of pee and poo
  • Able to be bathing
  • Never peeing in lap

Negative Sides;

  • You should clean their cages frequently beacuse they pee and poo a lot.
  • If you don’t care of their diet, they could be diarrhea and this is fatal for them.
  • They could be very insistent when they’re hungry.
  • Rodents are not allowed in airplanes.
  • It could be hard to find a wide cage and guinea pig toys and accesories.
  • You can get diffculties about explaning what kind of pet you have, to people around you. Some can think it is a rat and others can think it is a pig because of its name.


I quote my wifes opinions and experiences for ones thinking about owning a guinea pig. Our guinea pigs are living with us for 2 years at home. We are getting knowledge about them day by day and sharing it with you. By the way, you can prefer adopting instead of a guinea pig for sale.

You can get more detailed informations about them by reading our Everything About Guinea Pigs article. If you’re curious about guinea pig food, you can read our article named Guinea Pig Diet. Or any questions about litter training you can read our Guinea Pig Litter Trainin In 9 Steps article.

If you are about to own a guinea pig, you can find a lot of information in our website to make easier their care. For your questions you can write comments to us. See you in the next article.

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